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Eye Tests in Redcar

Vision really matters and here at IntelliSight Opticians in Redcar we have specialists waiting to help when it comes to eye tests. Sight is the sense people fear losing the most, yet many aren’t aware of the best way to look after our eyes. Statistics show 50% of sight loss is preventable with eye tests the best way of detecting any problems. Prevention is better than cure and with regular eye tests we will offer advice on the care which could stop sight problems occurring in the first instance.

Eye tests are recommended as part of a routine health check, every two years. For those under 16 or over 70, living with diabetes, ocular hypertension or have a family history of glaucoma, tests are increased to every year.




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Eye Tests for Kids 

Similarly to adults, children require regular eye tests. These are free via the NHS and recommended yearly. It is unlikely a child will verbalise any visual problems particularly if only in one eye as they assume without thinking that this is the norm. IntelliSight Opticians recommend annual sight tests once children are 4-5 and have undergone a school health check. In the meantime, should parents have any concerns, no matter how small, it is worthwhile speaking to our specialists and booking an eye test.          
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Lifestyle and eye health 

Eye health is impacted by how we live our lives, the food we eat and the habits we have. Working in a warm, dry office can make our eyes dry and irritable. Drinking too much coffee can have a similar effect and in contrast a diet high in antioxidants, such as fresh fruit and vegetables can help stave off the progression of cataract and macular degeneration. Statistics show that smokers are twice as likely to lose their sight and with this in mind we offer a signposting service to the appropriate health care professional for those wishing to quit. Our eye tests are thorough and include dietary advice, lifestyle recommendations and relevant signposting to ensure your eyes work to their full potential.    
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Trips, falls and low vision 

Contributing factors to accidents in the home include poor vision and this stems from incorrect prescription glasses or poor vision, possibly requiring hospital treatment. Managing with magnifiers can also impact eyesight negatively. Regular eye tests help prevent trips and falls by keeping up with changes in lens power and making necessary hospital referrals for the likes of cataracts. When acted upon quickly, vision no longer has the chance of becoming dangerously poor. For those living with visual impairment we can refer to a local low vision service provider who will advise on their services and how low vision aids can help.