3 reasons you should never buy fake sunglasses

Julie Breen

We all know that designer sunglasses can look amazing but, price aside, is there any real difference between the buying imitations compared to the real thing? Well the short answer is yes; a lot more than you’d think! Here are our top three reasons to never risk faking it.

They don’t stop the harmful UV light

The most important quality in sunglasses, yes even more than how much they match your style, is how much they protect against UV light. The UV light is the harmful rays from the sun that, if not protected against, can cause extreme damage to your eyes. In our recent Facebook post we did a test, showing the effects of real and imitation lenses against UV light.

The results may shock you! Not only can fake sunglasses fail to prevent UV rays but they can actually enhance the damage, as your pupils will dilate and absorb even more of the light.

The quality is NEVER the same

There is an old adage that if you buy cheap you buy twice and, while this is not always true of glasses with a smaller price tag it is almost always the case when it comes to designer imitations. Sunglasses made to look like their real counterparts, or that simply have a fake label slapped on the side, lack the subtle, sometime hidden, details that make real designer frames so long-lasting.

For instance, on our latest Facebook Live session we looked at a stunning range of Ted Baker frames with a gold band covering the top, held in place with extra screws on the top of the frames to ensure it all stays in place and together. Real sunglasses undergo a number of tests to ensure they can last all summer long…and plenty more to come!

They won’t have prescription lenses

Some people may still be unaware that you can purchase sunglasses from an optician with lenses specific to your prescription, not only providing superior quality and the right level of protection, but allowing you to see clearly while looking stylish.

If you’re looking for new sunglasses do not accept any imitations, only buy from a trusted retailer and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you suspect something is not quite right.

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