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Dry Eye

Dry eye/ blepharitis is a tremendously common problem. Most of us suffer from it, and we don't even realise it because we presume that 'tired' and 'sore ' eyes are a normal part of life. Symptoms of dry eye include excessive watering (strange but true), soreness of the eyes or the eyelids, gritty sensations, stabbing pains and eyes feeling tired. These symptoms are more likely if you wear contact lenses, use computers, drive long distances and take certain types of medication. These symptoms are also much more likely with increasing age.  

We offer advice and treatment for both dry eye and blepharitis which is inflammation of the eyelids margins (where the lashes are). We use the Thea  range of treatments which are preservative free and come in packaging which ensures the product doesn't have to be discarded after only 30 days. Thea products are extremely effective and provide lasting relief from all the symptoms of dry eye and blepharitis.