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Contact Lenses

FACT: Most people who need to wear spectacles can wear contact lenses. They're a great way to give yourself more choice in the way you see the world. They're brilliant for sports, social events and  giving you another 'look' without compromising on your ability to see clearly.

Most spectacle corrections can be worn as contact lenses too. There are monthly and daily contact lenses; both are really comfortable. A contact lens trial is free. Come in and us about a new way of seeing clearly 


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Contact Lenses for treating Astigmatism

Correcting your vision with contact lenses when you have astigmatism used to be quite a challenge in the past, but that isn't the case now. There are both monthly and daily lenses available that can correct most astigmatic prescriptions.  
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Contact Lenses for treating both Distance and Near Vision

If you need a distance and near spectacle correction (either two pairs or bifocals/varifocals), you can have your vision corrected with contact lenses too.
Multifocal contact lenses have the range of powers to correct both distance and near vision.               
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Contact Lenses to change or enhance your eye colour

We can offer lenses to alter your natural eye colour.