Blue Light.

Julie Breen
When we're talking about any colour of light, we need to keep in mind that all colours of light are natural and present in the spectrum of light that we're constantly exposed to from the sun. But just as there are certain aspects of sunlight in the invisible spectrum that we need to protect our eyes from (ultraviolet and infrared), there are also some colours (wavelengths) of light in the visible spectrum, in our familiar rainbow of colours, that have harmful as well as useful effects. Blue/violet light is one of these.

Blue /violet light does some amazing things. It helps to regulate our sleep patterns and consequently our natural body rhythms. It sounds really weird doesn't it? But international travellers have known this in practice for years. There is most of this type of light in the morning sunlight, and those that travel have found that if they want to latch onto local time it's best to go out in the morning light, or if they want to stay in the rhythms at home they avoid going outside till it's afternoon. Alternatively they can take melatonin, because that's the chemical that the blue/violet light suppresses in the brain. 

Unfortunately this light is also one that causes a feeling of tiredness and fatigue. It's usually in small amounts in sunlight, but all our computer devices...laptop, desktop, tablets and smartphones produces a spectrum that contains lots of this blue/violet light. So, another way that working on computers can make your eyes feel tired. 

And then we come to the effects that being exposed to too much blue/violet light can have on our sleep means that our sleep can be disrupted or even that we can't sleep after spending too long on a computer device. 

That can be surfing around FaceyB on your laptop, working long hours on your PC to get an assignment finished, doing homework on your tablet or playing a game on your smartphone on the bus....anytime we are overexposed to this light can lead to tiredness and /or sleep disruption. 

Let's face it! Who hasn't found it difficult to go to sleep after a long stint on the computer even though you're really tired, or had difficulties getting the kids to sleep after playing on a tablet even though you know they'e pooped?

Cutting out this blue/violet is quite simple for someone who wears glasses, a special treatment can be put onto the lenses, but what about all those people who don't need glasses?

Introducing  BLUEBERRY glasses  (go to our advice page 'What is blue light?' to download the leaflet). Lots of funky colours and styles (also not so funky if that's what you prefer), a fantastic lens that filters out all that light that makes us tired and affects our sleep, and non prescription so anyone can wear them. The kids can wear them at school and at home. You can wear them at the office. They can be worn anytime.

At Intellisight Opticians we have a large range of styles, colours and sizes. something for everyone really.

When we buy laptop, tablets and smartphones, we're always concerned about protecting them with special screen films and cases...but what about protecting our eyes? Perhaps we should all be wearing BLUEBERRY glasses?