Buying Glasses Online - A Users Guide

Julie Breen

Clothes, fridge freezers, even new cars – you can now shop online for almost everything, including glasses. However, when it comes to purchasing eyewear, from bespoke designer frames to children’s glasses, it can leave a lot of people nervous. In our latest post we look at some of the most common queries around buying glasses online and how IntelliSight can help.

What’s the biggest difference between buying online and buying in-store?

There are, of course, some key differences between buying online and in-store; From finding styles that suit you to having glasses resized to fit to ensuring they arrive safely through the post. We aim to make the process as smooth as possible, from our handy filters to narrow down the perfect pair and our refund policy. Our experts are always available via phone, email and social media and any glasses purchased online can be brought in-store to be fitted and adjusted as needed.

How do I know if the style will suit me?

As anyone who sports spectacles knows, they can have a dramatic impact on the way you look and it’s important to get the right frame. There are countless sites online offering style advice for different face shapes and once you know the style that suits you can use our style filter to find the frames that fit.

You’ll also have a huge choice of different colours, patterns and even materials(!) to choose from in IntelliSight’s bespoke frames selections; From Christian Lacroix cat-eye frames to frames made of wood or leather, frames on springs with instant snapback and, of course, our sporty Julbo range.

What if I change my mind?

All of glasses on the IntelliSight website can be returned and refunded within 14 days, and with free delivery on order over £50 you are free to play around with different options.

I have a very specific prescription from another opticians, can I still order via IntelliSight?

Of course! The IntelliSight website features a number of unique designer frames and brands that can’t be found at big high-street chains (including our new Dennis Taylor range!) so customers will often visit us who have prescriptions from elsewhere (although we do eye-tests too 😉 )

All we ask to complete such an order is that you have a written prescription that has been given to you by a suitably qualified optometrist within the last 24 months, within the expiry period of the prescription, or within the last 12 months if you are aged 70+.

In exceptional circumstances, we may need to arrange a free face-to-face consultation with you or request you post a copy of your written prescription. To ensure the glasses are suitable we may also ask you to obtain a pupillary distance measurement, although we do have assumed values as part of our online service.

I don’t have a prescription but I love some of the styles online – can I order them still?

The trend for wearing glasses minus prescription lenses shows no signs of slowing down and, with such funky styles available, we don’t blame you for wanting to try them out. Whether you’re keen on a new look, completing a cosplay costume or heading to a fancy dress event and want the edge on your look - all of our frames are available with clear glass, giving you all of the style with none of the hassle.

Be sure to check out our huge range of sunglasses too, all available in non-prescription options too!

So there you have it, hopefully we’ve answered your questions about purchasing glasses online, take a look at our online range or, if you’d like to know more get in contact with our team today!