Isn't it time you tried varifocal glasses?

Julie Breen

In my Teesside practice I hear a lot about varifocals. I hear a great deal about what varifocals are like from those who don't wear them. And if I wasn't a varifocalglasses wearermyself I'd definitely be reluctant to try them out if I went by the horror stories that are out there.

The truth, thankfully, is a lot less horrific and a lot more useful than the urban myths would have us believe.

What are varifocals? 

They're basically your distance glasses prescription (if you need one) in the top of the lens and your reading glasses prescription in the bottom of the lens. And in between the focus moves gradually from top to bottom, distance to reading. So in practical everyday use, the top half is clear for watching TV and the focus gradually comes in so that halfway down the lens you can see a PC screen and the bottom of the lens is for book reading distance. Pretty simple. Pretty useful.

Keep losing your glasses?

If you wear reading glasses, think about how much time you waste in the day looking for them. You're in the kitchen and you need to read some cooking instructions and your reading glasses are upstairs in the bedroom so you have to go and get them....or you snuggle up for the evening in bed to read your book and you've left your darned glasses by the chair in the living room....or you spend an hour looking for them because you just need to see and they were on your head all the time!!!!!

Now imagine how much easier things would be and how much time you would save if you were able to see long distance, close and in between all the time. Varifocals can make that happen.

Varifocals provide totally seamless, comfortable vision

Varifocals have changed a great deal in the past ten years or so; the horror stories no longer apply. They are now easier to wear than they have ever been with digital technology controlling the power at every precise point on the lens.

They give the vast majority of people totally seamless, comfortable vision. You just basically put them on and see! It just becomes another thing you don't have to worry about. And I don't know about you, but I have tons of other things on my mind, and not having to worry and waste time looking for glasses is amazing. 

See for yourself

At IntelliSight Opticians, we are SO confident about how easy varifocals are to wear that we give a 'no quibble, no fuss' 30 day guarantee. If you try them and you aren't happy with them we'll refund your money. Simple as that.

So what are you waiting for – contact us now to arrange a consultation with one of our varifocals glasses specialists. 

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