Julie Breen 30 Years

IntelliSight Opticians

My goodness! I can hardly believe it’s been 30 years. But it has!

I was brought up in Redcar, just a stone’s throw away from the beach in Coatham. And I’ve lived and worked in the area ever since. After qualifying I started in Saltburn, and then worked all around the area, whilst also bringing up a family, until I opened the Specsavers in Redcar in 1998.  The many people that came to know me while I was there will remember the friendly, community feel that I strived to bring to the business. And that years of experience in an optician counts for a lot. Since Specsavers and I parted company in 2011, I have worked in all of the major opticians, taking note of the good things that they do, and now I feel is the time to return to Redcar, to the town I know best and where the lovely people know me. So here it is…..IntelliSight Opticians.  A place that reflects the local and the international. The team and I are friendly and caring as well as accurate and experienced.  We want you to be thoroughly satisfied, perhaps a little thrilled, with your experience.