Three reasons cheap sunglasses can end up costing you more than you realise

Julie Breen

We start this post with a fun fact; Did you know that most designer brands survive not through splashy ad campaigns or big catwalk shows, but through their easily-accessible accessory lines, including perfume, scarfs and, of course, sunglasses!

A true pair of designer sunglasses can look stunning but, with so many imitations flooding the market, not to mention non-branded imitation of popular frames available for peanuts, what is the real cost of cheap sunglasses?

Here are our top three reasons to make sure that, when you pick your sunglasses, they are truly fit for purpose...

Fake sunglasses just don’t do the job

The main purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Unfortunately, not every pair of sunglasses fulfils this most basic of tasks. The problem is all down to how lenses filter the light, or in the case of cheap or fake sunglasses, absorb and concentrate the harmful rays causing damage to your precious retinas. 

For more information check out our latest Facebook live video, including our demo about just how shockingly ineffective some frames can be!

No protection is better than fake protection

You may think that so long as the lens is dark enough you’ll be protected. Sadly, not only is this not the case but, if they don’t effectively block out UV rays, the dark of the lenses can cause your pupils to dilate, allowing more of the rays to penetrate through your eye, causing additional damage.

Short-term skimping can cause long-term damage 

Whilst it is difficult to effectively track the exact levels of harm from exposure to UV rays on your eye-health, the effects can be ‘clear to see’ including pterygium, or surfers eye, cataracts or in some cases, even cancer.

The best way to ensure your sunglasses are fit for purpose is to check they are labelled UV 400, meaning they can absorb virtually all the harmful rays before they have a chance to cause damage. We would also recommend buying from a licenced optician who can ensure your sunglasses are fit for purpose, as well as having a team on-hand who help you pick a flattering and functional frame, and even fit them with prescription lenses if needed. 

To find your perfect pair of safe sunnies, search the IntelliSight website or pay us a visit in-store.