Why do I need an eye test every two years?

Julie Breen

There are certain measures of time we all know – the sun rises and sets every 24 hours, your birthday comes around once a year (unless you’re the Queen of course who celebrates two different dates) and you will be due an eye test every two years.

But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

Well as much as we love our customers it’s not just to have a cup of tea and a good natter – there are a few good reasons you should touch base with your optician at least every two years.

The main reason is to help protect your health. We are so concerned with ensuring the good health of our customers that we set aside 30 minutes for every appointment we make, ten minutes to have a good chat and lots of time to check every aspect of your eyes to ensure they are in tip top condition.

Every two years ensures that, if there any issues with your eyes, for instance glaucoma, for which you will have no outlaying symptoms, we are generally within the time frame to catch and begin treating it before any major damage occurs.

Another great reason to ensure you stick to your regular two-year appointments is down to small changes that are constantly occurring in your eyes. During appointments with us we will compare your past prescriptions with your current sight requirements and either recommend you get new lenses, or assure you there are no reasons to change, depending on the results of your test.

While both of these are great reason to get your eyes checked every two years, find out more in our latest Facebook Live video, the two-year rule is just a minimum.

There are many occasions an optician may ask you to come in more frequently, including check-ups for children and those over 40 with a family history of glaucoma, or any signs of deterioration, for instance cataracts. In these cases, we may recommend just one year between tests, or even less if we suspect a problem may be developing.

There you have it, the answers behind why you should always visit make it a priority to pop by and see us at least every two year, our friendly team look forward to welcoming you to the orange and black store soon.