Unique Sunglasses

Unique Sunglasses Make Summer Fun!

Unique sunglasses are just as much a part of our range at IntelliSight Opticians as the unique glasses that we sell are. We help to ensure that our fantastic customers can make the most of their summer look, even if the sun isn’t always shining! Whether it’s topping off a casual look for a day at the beach with the family, finding the perfect frames to complement a special outfit for summer’s hottest festival, or something as simple as a garden barbeque with a bunch of special friends, we have glasses for everyone including the tiniest of toddlers, the most stylish of women and the coolest blokes on the block.

Unique Design Sunglasses - Styles For All

We are already well-known in Redcar, and across the UK, thanks to our fab range of unique glasses, and now we’re bringing the same eye for detail, value and individuality to sunnier frames too. Far from the boring humdrum of run of the mill styles, these unique design sunglasses are all fun, funky and guaranteed to highlight our customer’s personal sense of style. Our new ranges include Kendall + Kylie frames. The two youngest Kardashians certainly have an eye for fashion, from the delicate rose gold and aviator cool styling of the Jules frame, to the futuristic, eye-catching, daring style of the Mercy, available online now in both black and frosted. Our personal favourites are the timeless classic style of the Priscilla, the tortoise-shell pattern and huge frames have been a sunglasses staple since the 60’s heyday of St Tropez and it shows no sign of slowing down now. The Melrose is another shade from the Kardashian range that demands attention for its wearer whilst protecting privacy from the inevitable selfie camera flashes – the best way to get a little VIP feel each and every day. The final style in the K+K sunglasses range is Bianca, which with their subtle gold details and exaggerated cats-eye style, they ooze sophistication and elegance. If any of these sunglasses sounds a little bit you, you’re not alone. Our unique sunglasses brands certainly attract attention and we can’t wait to welcome you in-store, or to our online store, to discover your perfect pair (or two, three…five pairs?! The choice is yours!)

Unique And Classic Sunglasses That You Will Love

Of course, our unique sunglasses range goes well beyond just Kendall + Kylie, we have tons of styles to talk about, including our men’s range of unique and classic sunglasses. Encompassing some of the best style on the market, our ranges include the sporty and practical Julbo range, the ultimate in cool unique sunglasses. Their range includes specialist frames to accommodate any kind of sporting activity; for instance, the Aero frame has been specifically designed to work for runners, from the shortest mile to the longest distance. Running is hard enough without having to deal with irritating sun glare too! These glasses are available in a range of colour combinations, ensuring they will always fit with your personal taste, and running outfit. For those with more extreme tastes, including free-running, trails and endurance events, the Julbo Armor range has you covered with its extra wide lenses and maximum protection. Perhaps cycling is more your sport? The Julbo Blast is the frame for you! Designed with grip tech technology they can handle any speed you can throw at them. For those who love to sail, windsurf and jet ski, the Julbo Coast glasses are a fantastic choice, thanks to their elegance, grip and polarized lenses. There you have it, no matter what sport you choose to get involved in this summer we have a great pair of sunglasses, tailored to your activity. For those who prefer a little winter sun, Julbo also carry a fabulous range designed specifically to appeal to fans of skiing, snowboarding and more.

Find A Host Of Unique Sunglasses Online

If sport and reality stars are not for you, fear not, our extensive range of most unique sunglasses caters to all, including fabulously extravagant Christian Lacroix sunnies, stunning in a light or dark colour mix with a fun pattern. Our Joules range are delightfully witty with their polka dots and bright colours, whilst Radley and Rip Curl both offer styles that will continue to look stylish for years to come. Children, in particular, are drawn to our different sunglasses, including the fun, funky and cool Zoobug range. Whether it is a bold giraffe print, frames shaped like flowers, or awesome minimalist glasses that perfectly mimic the coolness of mum or dad, our Julbo range also have a selection of children’s sunglasses, perfect for sporty little ones. You can purchase any of these unique sunglasses online, check them out now on the rest of our site. In-store we have an even wider selection of sunglasses to choose from, as well as having our friendly, professional and dedicated team on-hand to help you select a pair that are perfect for you. We will help you choose the ideal pair based on your personal taste and budget. We have been welcoming customers to our Redcar store for over two years and, in that time, we’ve happily served over 3,000 customers. We think our staff are the true difference between IntelliSight Opticians and other opticians so why not come in and experience our customer-care service for yourself, we look forward to welcoming you and your family.

Safety Is Our Priority With Unique Sunglasses At IntelliSight Opticians

Rest assured we take safety seriously and that is why each of our unique sunglasses adheres to the highest standards. Unlike some cheaper high-street options, none of the pairs in our extensive range of sunnies allow harmful UV rays to pass through, helping to prevent the threat of UV damage, premature cataracts, and even muscular degeneration. All our sunglasses, both online https://www.intellisightopticians.co.uk and in-store, are available with a choice of prescription and non-prescription lenses. Coupled with our on-going offers and deals, we really can ensure that no one misses out on looking amazing this summer, thanks to their fab IntelliSight Opticians sunglasses!