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What the numbers on your prescription mean

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Are you a .45? Perhaps a -5, or even a +2 – we are of course talking about your eye prescription. If you’ve ever wondered what these numbers, and the accompanying abbreviation means, you’re in the right place. Welcome to our one stop guide to everything you wanted to know about the numbers and letters that describe your eyesight.

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What is OD and OS v RE and LE

 The first element is one of the simplest – this simply refers to which eye is being talked about. OD (from the latin Oculus Dexter) or RE all refer to right eye while the OS (from the latin Oculus Sinister) or LE mean your left eye.

There is also an OU option (referring to Oculus Uterque in latin) meaning both eyes…Simple right?!

The difference between being short and long-sighted

This is indicated by the sphere (SPH), the amount of lens power you need, prescribed to correct if you’re near or far-sighted. It’s also where the + or – comes from in your prescription. A minus sign is indicative of short-sightedness while a plus sign, or no sign, indicates you are long-sighted.

Why you may be more Cylinder (CYL) then sphere (SPH)

We’ve mentioned astigmatisms in previous blogs, slight defects in the eye that can change over time. If you do have a significant astigmatism it is very possible your lens requires a cylinder (CYL) adjustment.

This often works in the same way as a sphere prescription, complete with + or – to indicate short or long-sightedness. However, the numbers that accompany a cylinder, are based on the axis of your eye, 90 degrees for vertical and 180 for horizontal.

There are other elements that may be indicated in your prescription, including prisms, but this covers the key parts of what you can expect to find on your prescription – for more information about your eye prescription, or to book a same day appointment, contact us today.


Julie Breen raises awareness of Glaucoma on Zetland FM

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As you may have been aware this week was National Glaucoma Awareness Week.

Glaucoma is a treatable disease but early detection is key! A huge thanks to our friends at Zetland FM, right here in Redcar, for helping us spread the word about the benefits of regular eye tests. We have walk-in appointments available so if you could do with a check-in come and pay us a visit - just look for the orange and black store!

Check out the full interview with Julie and Julie (!) here:


( Interview starts on the recording around 12:30 mins in )



Julie Breen 30 Years

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My goodness! I can hardly believe it’s been 30 years. But it has!

I was brought up in Redcar, just a stone’s throw away from the beach in Coatham. And I’ve lived and worked in the area ever since. After qualifying I started in Saltburn, and then worked all around the area, whilst also bringing up a family, until I opened the Specsavers in Redcar in 1998.  The many people that came to know me while I was there will remember the friendly, community feel that I strived to bring to the business. And that years of experience in an optician counts for a lot. Since Specsavers and I parted company in 2011, I have worked in all of the major opticians, taking note of the good things that they do, and now I feel is the time to return to Redcar, to the town I know best and where the lovely people know me. So here it is…..IntelliSight Opticians.  A place that reflects the local and the international. The team and I are friendly and caring as well as accurate and experienced.  We want you to be thoroughly satisfied, perhaps a little thrilled, with your experience.